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app icon (radial gradient from inner black to outer white with overlayed loading icon) and name of diploma project home sick

.home sick

2020 | iOS app | unity | diploma at Academy of Media Arts Cologne

home sick is a hybrid between app and game. By augmenting the immediate sourroundings as well as the user's phone, the user is confronted with the realities of a chronically ill person. The boundaries between your own personal data like fotos, calenders and notifications start to blur with theirs. As interactive documentation home sick offers a glimpse of the ever shrinking universes of people who often tend to become invisible by their disease.

Testflight Download [iPhone only] | Exhibtition KHM OPEN 21

smartphone with blank app icons and radial greyscale background
smartphone showing a black and white map with black circle in the middle
smartphonescreen with writing: Trigger Warning - the following experience contains graphic descriptions of trauma, chronic diseases, systemic ableism, sexism, mental health
smartphonescreen with writing: 'home sick' Would Like to Access the Camera - camera required for AR - Don't Allow / OK
smartphonescreen with messenger. send messages: 'what was i thinking?', 'who was i then?', 'can you help me?', 'please help me', 'help me', 'help'
smartphone with reminders app - daily meds do remember to take them. tickboxes: 'vitamin n', 'ibrurix', '20° menofine', 'nevafloxacin', 'paronadryl 25mg',...
smartphone lock screen with alerts 'health', 'reminders', 'radius'
smartphone with circular landscape viewd from the top, disapperaing into fog
smartphone with circular landscape viewd from the top, disapperaing into fog
smartphone in a hand showing a camera app with a 3d scanned enwironment
smartphone with blank app icons in hand
overshoulder of person holding a phone with a AR application